Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A colonial dress for Savannah...

As I have written before, I am taking Savannah to Williamsburg in October. I read on the Official Williamsburg Website that you could rent kid costumes to wear while visiting Williamsburg. I thought that was really cool. That got me thinking that it would be really cool to get her a dress of her very own to keep. I gave it a little thought and asked a few of my friends that have moms who sew. I tried making Christmas dresses when Savannah was 3. My sister-in-law, Debi, pulled me along with her because she made her girls matching dresses and one for herself. As always, I had to join in the "fun". It was anything but fun! I love crafts. I love sewing crafts, but I am not good at sewing clothes. Someday when I am not as busy as I am today (when will that be?) I would love to learn to sew and quilt. Unfortunately, that day is not today. That is why I asked around for somebody to sew a dress for Savannah. My awesome friend, Vickie, said she would see if her mom could do it. Meanwhile, I am reading The Well Trained Mind Message Board and somebody is asking if anyone makes American Girl dresses for actual little girls and matching ones for the doll. I didn't know the answer, but somebody did! This person responded that a very nice lady named Cherie made dresses and sold them on the Vegsource Homeschool Board. Her little business is named Ashley's Playmates. She makes all sort of dresses and nightgowns for real little girls and then she also makes American Girl dress for dolls. I clicked on over to her post on Vegsource and sent her an email. She sent me back a gallery of her dresses. I read fantastic reviews about her work on the Vegsource board and was sold. I saw the dress I wanted right away. It was RED and Savannah loves RED. Okay, I found the dress I wanted, next there is price, right? Her prices are wonderful! Back to my great friend, Vickie, - her mom and her had gone out to look at patterns and fabric and told me that it would be pretty costly to make a dress like that. I hadn't had a chance to tell Vickie that I had decided to go with Ashley's Playmates. I was so grateful that Vickie and her mom went to that trouble for me. I have good friends. I emailed Ashley's Playmates back with my dress order for a colonial dress and a matching doll dress. Of course, I ordered some more American Girl doll dresses for Christmas presents. (Shhhh... don't tell Savannah.) On Tuesday our package arrived in the mail. I was going to give Savannah this dress for her birthday, but I couldn't wait. I had to see it on her right away. I gave it to her and she absolutely loved it. She wore it right up till bedtime and then this morning she wanted to put it on as soon as she got up. She took her knock-off American Girl doll (too cheap to buy the real thing) with her to her science class because she had to show off the dress. I am so happy she loved this dress. I got the response I was really hoping for! Ahhh... it is so much fun doing this American history with her right now. I can't wait till we get to go to Williamsburg and see all the sites. Finally, in case you didn't get it in my post, if you want to buy doll dresses or little girl dresses... please, please check Ashley's Playmates out. Click here for her Ashley's Playmates Email. She really is wonderful to work with. Let her know I sent you! Thanks.

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