Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Concord Grapes and stuff...

Today we went to the fruit stand. It was a pretty sad selection, but they did have Concord Grapes. I love these grapes. You either love them or hate them... there is no in between. This brought back memories. I grew up in Illinois and Concord Grapes can grow wild there. I lived next door to my best friend, Tricia (Patty, as I called her when we were little). Her house had a big backyard that connected to the Smith's big backyard. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because, Patty and I would sneak back to the way back of her backyard and then over into the Smith's backyard. We didn't have privacy fences the way most people do now. Then we would pick the Concord Grapes. Yes, I realize this is stealing and that would make it bad. We looked at it as they were never going to pick all those grapes and we might as well enjoy them. Yes, I would most likely tell my kids they shouldn't do that today, but back then if just seemed okay. I remember we would take our fake toy corningware dishes over and fill them up. Then we would run as fast as we could back to the shed. Patty's dad had built a really nice wood shed to store his motorcycle in. We took it over and made it a playhouse. We had a kitchen and a kid sized folding card table with harvest gold mushrooms on top. We would set the Concord Grapes out on our play dishes and enjoy. When we got too old to do this we found that our friend, Angie, had these grapes in her yard. A ton of them! We got our fix from her yard for awhile. Ya know... I am positive if we had asked our moms, they would have bought these grapes from the store, but somehow they just tasted better if we got them from somebody's backyard. One final note on Concord Grapes. Tonight, I had the package draining in the sink after I rinsed them off. Sebastian was on the footstool and kept asking me "pease". I didn't want to give it to him because of the seeds. Then it occurred to me that he wouldn't eat them anyway because he doesn't EAT ANYTHING! I figured let him try it and he will surely spit it out. Nope! He ate it with seeds and all. Then he started frantically popping them in his mouth one after another. Do I have to worry he is going to grow a Concord Grape Vine inside his tummy? Only Sebastian!

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