Monday, September 04, 2006

Winter Promise American Story Week 6

Well, this week of school just zoomed right on by! I could hardly believe we had finished another week and it all went pretty well. I think Savannah's favorite part of this week was starting the Welcome to Felicity's World book. This is an American Girl book that shows you what happened in the time Felicity lived. She would have gladly had me read the whole book in one day, but I told her we had to stay on track with the others. We did finish up Pedro's Journal too. There were lots of projects this week and all were pretty good. The only one that was a little much was the Sea Port Diarama. It just had a few too many pieces for my liking. The 3d map of the Mayflower Voyage was really cool and I think we both learned alot by doing it. She also ate an authentic meal from the Mayflower - beef jerky, crackers, cheese and water. Actually, that was on last week's schedule, but we didn't do it till this week. She also made a Dutch Windmill and house when she learned that New York used to be New Amsterdam - settled by the Dutch. Below are the pictures of the week in review. The first is a picture of her Mayflower "meal", then the windmill, mini book about the pilgrims and finally her map of the Mayflower voyage. We are taking a week off of Winter Promise do to a demanding schedule, so we will be away from any hands on projects until next week.

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