Sunday, September 17, 2006

Trip Report Day 3...

On Sunday morning we decided to head to Miss Lucy's Brunch. This is over in Coral Bay. I had heard really good things about it and wanted to give it a try. We took our time getting over there. We stopped by the water and just walked around. We got there and were met by a very friendly staff. They had live jazz duo playing and it was really nice. You sit outside right by the water. Ummm... I am a pretty boring food person. I don't like different things, so I didn't love the food. This isn't to say it wasn't good. It was... I just am picky. I did love the homefries and fruit. Tim loved the poached eggs, so we just sorta swapped what each of us liked. I am glad I went, but I probably wouldn't do it again. Next we took the "Road to Lamesur". We did not do this last year because we had a much nicer jeep and I was afraid that we might damage it. This time we had a jalopy. I knew there was no way we could put anymore scratches on this than it already had. We put it in 4wd and headed out. It was quite a ride! We both had a lot of fun driving this. We pulled up to the Lamesur ruins and walked around for a bit. I took some pictures looking out from the ruins. We went down to the beach below and snorkeled around a bit. Then we left and headed to Salt Pond. Here we saw a HUGE parrot fish and a spotted ray. I was really hoping to see a turtle because we had seen one here the year before. I was swimming around the grassy area and had given up hope, so I was swimming back to the shore. I was nearly out of the water and I spotted a turtle! I was happy. I love seeing the turtles. We decided it was time to head back and had a lazy evening at the condo. Tomorrow brings rain, shopping and Ronnie's Pizza.

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