Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am lacking in the creative blogging department today, so I thought I would just post some pictures of Savannah. We went to meet my friend from childhood (and on) at Downtown Disney a few days ago. Jorgena (hi George!) visits her inlaws in Florida a few times a year. We usually get to spend a day shopping and talking. This time we met up at Downtown Disney, but quickly left and hit the outlet mall. We only did a few stores at the outlet before we headed over to the Florida Mall. This is your typical mall. It has all the typical mall stores. I was hoping to find Savannah some fall clothes, but I didn't have any luck. We did, however, hit a HUGE M&M store. Savannah was very excited about this. She saw a sign about it on the way over and when we got there she kept asking when we could go to the M&M store. I was figuring out it being a little store with make your own bag of M&M's type thing. WRONG! It was absolutely huge. It have every M&M thing imaginable even a NASCAR race car inside. I have to admit we didn't buy a thing, but it was fun walking through there. We shopped there for quite awhile and I came out with NOTHING! Then we headed back to drop Jorgena off at her hotel. Savannah and I couldn't resist heading back to Downtown Disney for Ghiardelli's ice cream. We had tried to go there when we were at the homeschool convention in May, but we literally could not find a parking place. So, we were very sad we didn't get ice cream then, but there was a zillion open parking places on this day... so nothing was keeping us from ice cream and Ghiardelli's. Oh and on our way out of DTD, we notice they had Pirates of the Caribbean displays in the big World of Disney store. We had to take a peak and I took some pictures. It was a fun day. I am glad my friend has inlaws in Florida. I have gotten to see her so much more over the years because of her visits with them.


Karen C said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great day of bonding.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog! It sounds like you have a great time hsing. I love the picture you painted in my mind of you jumping on the bubble wrap!

- BevG (fellow WP user)