Monday, September 18, 2006

Winter Promise American Story Week 7

This week we continued with our colonial studies. We made a horse drawn carriage and learned about the first postal service. We made a candlemaker and different kinds of candle holders. We learned about pirates - which was interesting because Savannah had just asked me the week before if there were real pirates. We made a map showing how the pirates operated. Her Make Your Own History Book page was about colonial businesses. She chose to be a fur trader. I have to admit, I thought she would say dress maker or candle maker - not a fur trader. We have been reading Sign of the Beaver and enjoying it. We also nearly finished the Welcome to Felicity's World book. So here is my funny for the week. Daddy got an unexpected half day on Thursday afternoon. He called to see if I wanted to take the kids to Burger King for lunch and then stop at the pet store. I have to admit that I thought about saying no because I wanted to get the history done for the day. Then I realized an unexpected lunch with daddy was much more important. We did go and had a great time. So, go forward to the weekend. We don't usually have much planned on the weekend. As we were just sitting around doing nothing, I realized we could put the coach paper project together on the WEEKEND! We were actually allowed to do that! I know... I know... seems like a simple concept, huh? It is hard for me to realize that we can do some of the projects on the weekend and it is actually better because we don't have any other things to do like my employer work, brownies, AWANA, science co-op, fun co-op, etc. I guess I had a break-through!

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