Monday, September 25, 2006

Once Upon A Child

I have been busy. I keep thinking of things I want/need to blog about. One is the rest of my trip report and I will get there... maybe by Wednesday or maybe not. The other things I have been thinking about blogging about are more the day to day stuff. I also have some work to get done for my money making job and I will do it, but I am going to blog for the moment. Last week I went to one of my favorite stores - Once Upon A Child. For those that don't know what this store is - it is a children's consignment shop. I started going there when I was pregnant with Savannah and it sorta hit me that means I have been going there for nearly 9 years. The fact that they were giving out 10 year anniversary key chains helped me to think of that too. Anyway, I am frugal (read cheap). I don't like to spend money on things I don't want to spend money on. I will absolutely try to find the best deal possible or die trying. All of my family members know this about me. In fact, they think I have some odd super power for finding the best price for most things somehow by looking all over the internet, etc. I don't really have a super power. I just hate to pay full price for anything. Having said that, I am picky about what my kids can wear. Not all consignment shops have nice things, but Once Upon A Child does have nice things. I suppose that not all in the chain are wonderful, but ours is really great. I went in to look for one thing and came out with a ton of things. For the bargain price of $60, I got Savannah a Gap Kids winter coat, 2 pairs of jeans (one with a monkey on the pocket), 3 tops(one being a really cute Tink blouse from the Disney store), and a pair of dress shoes. I got Sebastian a brand new with tags Halloween costume, Carter's sleeper, and 2 shirts. You cannot beat this price. I was really happy and best of all Sebastian was so good while I shopped. That was my first bit of info floating around in my head needing to be blogged about.

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Anonymous said...

You sound like my friend! She visits all the thrift & consignment stores on a regular basis. Within the past 2 years she has lost over 80 pounds. She is now smaller than me. At first I was jealous, but then when I started losing weight and needing smaller clothes, she gave me a bunch of her too big clothes! So I got the benefit of all that thrifting :)
- BevG