Saturday, September 09, 2006

A glimpse of schooling with a toddler running around...

One morning this week, we were busy doing school in the morning. Usually, if we can, we wait till Sebastian naps. I can work and she can do her independent work along side me. There are days when she has to get it done in the morning - like Wednesday because she goes to a science class in the afternoon. There have been websites dedicated to keeping your toddler busy while you do school. I have read them and a lot of the ideas are really, really helpful. This particular morning, I decided to be brave and give him a glue stick and let him glue away. He loved it! He also loves peeling the pieces off when they dry. That is fine if it isn't one of his sister's masterpieces that she spent "forever" planning. Do you need to ask me how I know this? Trust me... it wasn't pleasant. That inspired me to let him make his own masterpiece to keep or destroy for his own. Savannah was reading the last story in this particular Pathway Reader and was super excited she was moving onto the next one. When the novelty of glue stick wore off, we moved onto my next controlling toddler tactic... smarties! This boy loves smarties. He will do just about anything for a package. I really ticked him off trying to take a picture of me handing the smarties to him because I wasn't actually letting go of the package, but posing to get the picture. The things I do for the sake of blogging! I did finally give him the candy. He even has a special tongue smacking sound he makes that means he would like some smarties. He says some form of candy too. He gladly got the foot stool and sat down in front of NOGGIN to eat his smarties. Hey, I have to do what I have to do to get school done, right? I don't have pictures of my next keep him busy plan, so I will just describe it. I ordered from Amazon awhile back and got those huge bubble wraps things. Being the cool mom that I am... I kept them all in a box in my bedroom for playtime. Sebastian grabbed one and brought it out to the living room. As Savannah filled in her Explode the Code workbook, I hopped on the bubbles and amazed Sebastian. About this time, Tim called on his lunch hour. He asked what I was up to and I replied, "not anything important... just jumping on bubbles to keep Sebastian happy while Savannah does school." My wonderful husband said that he thought that was "about the most important thing I could be doing!" Awwww... wasn't that sweet?

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